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Bookstores are the eyes of a city—through which urbanites explore the outside world from paperbacks and visitors experience a city’s vibe in between the bookshelves. Met by the unfortunate decline of the publishing industry, city bookstores are on the precipice of losing its role in connecting us with printed matters. What will their future be, as they walk the thin line between persistence and perishment?

In the “City x Bookstore by Book B x Dilemma Studio” workshop, avid readers Renatus Wu—co-founder of the local independent bookstore Book B, and Anthony Ko—architect from Dilemma Studio, will share their thoughts on the close relationship between bookstores and cities. Renatus believes that bookstores are much more than just a shop for selling books—it is a place for inducing knowledge, inspiring creativity and imagination. He will share with us his publishing experience and his various trips to bookstores and fairs around the world, taking us beyond this city. Speaking as an architect, Anthony will emphasize on the essentiality of a bookstore—both as a carrier of intellectual and cultural information and a multifunctional communal space—in urban planning and development.

Our programmes use the first-come-first-serve system. For successful participants, we will issue email confirmation 5 days before the programme date.