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A quick flick through any travel guidebook, besides the typical sightseeing spots, there is always a column for food. Undeniably, food culture is an integral part of the identity of a city. Consistent with its status as a highly cosmopolitan city, all kinds of food can be found in Hong Kong, and local people are well-versed in the intricacies of international cuisines. It is common to see people lining up outside a beautifully decorated restaurant or café, waiting to be served with Instagram-able photos of not just the food, but the environment included.

In light of this growing social phenomenon, the biennale has chosen food culture as the central focus of its IDENTITY Symposium. Titled Deliriously Delicious, we want to explore our city’s relationship with food: whether our obsessions with foreign cuisines has a detrimental effect with the IDENTITY of local food culture; the challenges in taking local cuisines onto the world stage; whether the ultra-convenient fast-food offer with hyper-efficient delivery services is improving the LIVEABILITY of the city; what effect the high turnover rate of F&B offers has on the economics and ecology of the industry; and whether we are doing enough to reduce food waste and packaging to make SUSTAINABILITY possible. The symposium brings together cross-discipline speakers, ranging from international and local chefs, designers, TV personalities, restaurateurs to social entrepreneurs, who will share their views from different perspectives combining with their mouth-watering experience from the world. Come join us to have a deliciously insightful discussion if you are interested!

Speaker List:
► Morning Session :
Alan Cheung / Co-Founder & Managing Director, One Bite Design Studio; Co-Curator, 2019 Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
Alan Lo / Co-Founder of Classified Group
Kevin Lim / Managing Director of OPENUU and Co-Founder of Mean Noodles
Jackie M. Tang / Malaysian & Singaporean Street Food Entrepreneur And Coach

► Afternoon Session:
Sarah Mui / Co-Founder & Design Director, One Bite Design Studio; Co-Curator, 2019 Hong Kong Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture
Alvin Leung / Chef of three-star Michelin restaurant – BO Innovation
Sam Bompas / Co-Founder and Creative Director of Bompas and Par Studio