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This event has been postponed until further notice.

Since the LIVEABILITY Symposium held in January, we have been emphasising the importance of sustainable urban design. Why are we persistent on sustainability? It is for a very straightforward reason – we cannot maintain our quality of life and the Earth’s ecosystems if we keep exhausting natural resources instead of embracing it. Sustainability determines the future of our world, directly affects how the city can survive in the flux of global changes.

The key to making the concept ingrained in our thinking lies in understanding and striving for sustainability in our own homes, in our communities. In this SUSTAINABILITY Symposium, we have gathered a selection of international and local speakers from different disciplines to share their views on how sustainability can be achieved locally based on their wealth of experiences.

We strongly believe that SUSTAINABILITY, IDENTITY and LIVEABILITY are significantly intercorrelated. Imaginative innovations making use of cutting edge and traditional technologies are invaluable in our drive to reduce our carbon footprint and non-renewable resources consumption; equally, we need to create environmentally, economically and socially sustainable developments that are resilient to the changing climate for decades to come. Speakers and audience in this symposium are encouraged to ponder and discuss these connections in a more holistic approach, actively seeking solutions to tackle challenges ahead.

Please join us to explore potential strategies for urban sustainability!