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DxT | Lify Company Limited

Mazing Lee and Connie Lee co-founded Lify, a global wellness-tech platform integrating their experience in product design and curating lifestyle experiences. Awards received: GOOD DESIGN, A’Design Awards, IDA Awards, A&D Trophy Awards, European Product Design Award and German Design Award 2020.

After pursuing her industrial design education in Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012, Connie founded Contact Design in 2013, an award-winning design and innovation company based in Hong Kong – specialising in product innovation fusing technology and user experience. Connie has worked on a wide spectrum of design projects through partnerships with global brands as well as start-up ventures.

Previously Mazing managed a diversified portfolio of luxury brands in Singapore and Italy after graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong BBA (Marketing) in 2008. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she worked as Director of Contact Design Group. She co-founded The Contact Store, a lifestyle experience centre in Milan and Hong Kong. She curated many lifestyle events and collaborations with well-established brands.



  • 29 Dec 2019 - 23 Feb 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


Lify is the world’s first Smart Wellness System that comprises a single-serve smart
brewer, proprietary wellness tea discs made of 100% natural ingredients and
decomposable material, as well as an integrated Lify APP together with a cloud platform
that provide drink recommendations based on users’ body conditions from pioneering
herbal intelligence.

Lify is reinventing traditional herbal wisdom by providing the busy urban dweller with
insights into their physical condition and recommending herbal beverage as natural
remedies and health boosters in every home and office. Our vision is to develop a
holistic one-stop solution for global consumers to enjoy and experience natural remedies
in a smart, easy and personalized way.

With our patented infusion technology, Lify smart brewer delivers freshly brewed best
quality wellness tea under 1 min in the right temperature, infusion time and brewing
pressure for each recipe. And our proprietary tea discs are eco-friendly, made of
decomposable material and contains a precise mixed blend of multiple natural
ingredients from certified suppliers, individually packed and sealed for freshness in Hong Kong.

Lify has been recognised by 10 international awards including GOOD DESIGN, A’Design
Awards, IDA Awards, A&D Trophy Awards, European Product Design Award and
German Design Award 2020.