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Farrells are internationally recognised architect urban planners, founded by the world-renowned architect and urbanist Sir Terry Farrell in 1965. The Farrells approach to design draws upon a 50-year heritage of leadership within the built environment industry. We apply the highest standards of architectural imagination and design excellence to all aspects of a project, from initial concept to project completion. Our architecture expresses a great and enduring passion for urbanism. A fascination for cities, combined with a deep, intrinsic understanding of how they are structured and function, has always informed our architecture. Our buildings are crafted for a particular place with a great sensitivity to context and a unique urban role to play.



Hong Kong’s socio-economic context and unique topographical positioning, sandwiched between peaks and coastlines, have led to it becoming one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. Successful methods of organising such high density have emerged, largely though trial and error, allowing aspects of Hong Kong to become a precedent for other world cities which are now approaching similar high densities.

8 x 2 (8 cities, 2 scales) takes 8 core urban design principles and conceptually explores how they relate to the future urban fabric of Hong Kong and beyond at both the human and urban scale.