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MAIA is fascinated by the constantly changing and dynamic growth of Asian cities and therefore Brian founded MAIA in HK, central location of Asia, to explore a multi-disciplinary approach to define the boundaries of architecture, space and art. MAIA’s desire is to make intellectual and physical contributions to each individual city culture and its own contextual built environment.



  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


MAIA explore the 21st century’s urbanization issues surrounding the socio-cultural and environment concerns, habitat and community, mobility and climate change of urban cities.

This installation work revolves around the habit of our daily water consumption and its consequence on our society in the continual sustainable development of cities. Daily single use plastic water bottles in office or home are recycled and assembled on forming series of “Bottle Mobile” as urban furniture transforming streets, parks or even work places into new type of spaces and interactivity while activating individual public spaces. The “Mobiles” combine to create endless configurations capable of forming either temporal retreat space, play scene, green screen, or water point for a dozen people.

Contronting to the daily single use urban consumption, the work proposes the idea of “Live without Waste” in urban living. The “Mobile” design is the response to this idea and can create spontaneous public space at any places any times, meeting the needs of urban dwellers for a moment of interactivity to others and our nature.