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NEWS-D Limited

NEWS is formed with enthusiasm and passion to create memorable human environments. With the belief that design has no boundaries, and a team with international and multi-cultural backgrounds, NEWS offers thoughts and solutions across horizons, dimensions and timescales.



  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


Livability is not only bound to physical spaces, but also to deeper satisfaction. Among all types of satisfaction, the most important one is the mental space, where we store, exchange and evolve our thinking.

Nowadays, cloud computing technology provides on-demand computing services — from applications to storage and processing power — typically over the internet. With its increasingly ubiquitous nature, people are starting to explore new ways to interact, share information with each other, exploit the developing paradigms and form connections.

Anyone can now turn into an instant information provider, giving live news feeds anywhere through different channels. They are constantly streaming via different media. We provide and we receive simultaneously. Everyone is looking for his/ her own audience, identity and sense of community, while also bearing the pressure and influence from each other in the virtually inspired communities.

As mentioned by French philosopher Michel Foucault, “we are in the epoch of simultaneity.” In this project, we are digging into the relationships between technology and mental space, reality and virtual, figurative and none figurative, connection and imagination. We wish to bring new inspirations and encouragements to the public in regards to our social responsibility to build a better living environment.

New technology brought us evolving changes in all aspects, the sound is one of them.

The sounds start to diminish since technological advancement has changed our lives rapidly. The more intensively we are using technology products today, the less we notice the sounds around. We have been lowering the volume of our city sounds.

Where is the soundscape of our city then?

When communications through electronic devices become so easy and common, are we still longing for actual connections? How do we express, rebuild and recompose the living patterns as a citizen?

The fluid cloud form represents an open, diverse, ever-flowing nature of the virtual world in where interactive immersive experiments. It is sculpted with copper tubes which symbolize the enormous number of “channels” around our daily lives. It is a collection of cloud-based information sources. They are transferred as sound (information) to the audience via circuits and pipes (channels)around.

We have collected different sounds from different places in Hong Kong, especially around Tsuen Wan district and categorize them under various tags, such as #bus, #market, #music and etc. Clips are played at different outlets. Audience can approach the tubular cluster and get contact with sounds, noises, voices, news, information and even music in the exhibition.

They adjust the volume according to their preference. It reflects the way how one chooses to access and analyze information, and thus get his/ her own insight of the world. The virtual world is now changing our understandings of real life.  With this installation, we hope to bring back the daily city sound-scape, reverse the process and also review it in a physical and tangible way – a reflection on the nature of human interactions and the potential of bridging the physical and virtual world.


Sound Engineering Team:

Kin-Kai Leung
Wai-Yin Leung

Sound Designer:
Chee-Man Tang (King Zausage)