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Studio of SAI

Studio of SAI is an emerging design studio that works across scale and medium. We see architecture as a capacity of collective memory and information. The richness of space lies in the substance we retrieve cognitively and experientially. In our projects, we sought to engage the sensorial history of geographical, cultural and social realms to address the need of contemporary condition. We begin by excavating layers of information from its context as thorough as possible. Through this search and research process, we polish our architectural concept and sharpen our design methodology that will lead each project to the most specific solution. We are devoted to creating architecture that belongs to its place; a future that respects its tradition; a place where collective aspiration is liberated.


[# Wall]

  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


Popularity of Social Media Shapes Identity of City

Social media has been extremely dominant in contemporary urban living and largely affecting our sensorial impression towards cities. New identities of cities are gradually building up by the virtual platforms, and which could be deviated dramatically from the one we perceived through daily life in the physical world. It is also not surprising that when one searches a specific topic in different platforms, such as Google vs Baidu, the results could be very much varied. The identities of a city formed in the virtual platform are diverse and open. Multiple identities are created through these platforms.


An installation of collective aspiration

[# Wall] is an installation designed for conducting research on the possible representation of collective aspiration based on the virtual crowd-data platforms. Images found by inserting certain keyword or “hashtag” on different social platforms will be physicalized in a three-dimensional hanging screen wall made by celluloid sheets with printed images. 2x2pixel is the minimum composition in the digital world to compose variation. This installation is a translation of this 2×2 pixel composition into an actual time-space.


Celebration of the production industry

The Mills, the exhibition venue, was a fabric factory around the 1960s. This period is the age for the celebration of the production industry in Hong Kong. Before the popularity of digital recording technology, celluloid, the major material for film production, paid a very important role in images recording around the same period of time. The installation has taken the inspiration from this correlated background on production history to create a hanging fabric of celluloid sheets to respond to the exhibition site.


Duality framework of research

In response to the exhibition themes, the installation is set as a matrix of research in dual nature. The images will be organized with certain parameters such as the topic of interest, including but not limited to “what we wear, where we live, what we eat, how we travel”. The installation will also visualize images from different kinds of social media which will be arranged in pairs. Topics and images related to HK & SZ will be exanimated to reflect the duality of location.  Below is the summarized idea framework for the installation.


Duality of cities identities (virtual x reality)


Duality of social media






As a device for crowdsourcing

During the exhibition, visitors are allowed to upload their images for specific hashtag to expand the hanging exhibits. A website is created as a platform and images will be selected for renewal periodically. The installation is expected to be ever-changing and engaging with the public. The information / images collected in this stage will be brought to the next stage for further analysis and interpretation. Results would be expected to be put on social media / website.