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Warehouse (WH) X Young Planners’ Group (YPG) of Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP)

With this valuable opportunity, WH and Youth Planners’ Group of HKIP bring a group of young artists and young planners together to share and exchange their views and ideas on the notion of future ideal city. By imagining the future Hong Kong, in terms of “Identity”, “Liveability” and “Sustainability”, young artists have adopted various art forms/media to present their innovative and bold ideas while young planners would introduce relevant planning concepts to the audience for their in-depth reflection.


A normal person who lives in this city. A history lover who works at a local museum. A resident of Earth who is willing to do something to save our homeland from plastic waste.
Attained a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. A person who doesn’t like to live in a metropolis, but lives in Hong Kong. Tired of the city's irritability, oppression and pollutions, she hopes to use her own little power to change the environment, which is the property of everyone.
A member of society who records the city by using sound, video and picture.
Queenie Wing-tao Tse graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Media at School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2018. She is currently working as a UIUX designer. Tse believes design and technology can enhance human interaction and relationship. She is interested in exploring different media to express her thoughts. Personal Website:
Local graffiti artist with rich experience in creating artworks and delivering tutorials. His favourite genre to draw is portrait. Previous projects include art installations for government departments.


(Un)bottled future

  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


The installation is an “art innovation” featuring an artistic experience, which aims to encourage reflections on waste issues in Hong Kong, and to light up innovative thoughts for sustainable development.

Participants are introduced to one of the benchmarking possibilities of the sustainable built environment – applying upcycled materials to future (furniture) construction.  Recycled plastic bottles made up the foundation and the benches are covered with plastic boards reproduced with “Shredder” and “Heat-press machine” from Precious Plastic.

“Precious Plastic” is a global movement on plastic recycling, they believe waste plastics are also useful resources. They provide an online platform for people to share knowledge, tools and techniques on the issue. It includes open-source design on the machines, which they are created in the household, everyone could try to create one. “The Shredder” on the display is one of the examples.

The colorful plastic boards are created through several processes, including cleaning and sorting the plastics, then collecting them for further processing: shredding by “Shredder”, heating and cooling by “Heat-press machine”. The plastics suitable for recycling could be lids of plastic bottles, plastic lunch boxes and so on. The machine is manually operated, you can try using “Shredder” to shred the plastic waste (staff assistance is required).

The installation transforms “waste” into the unique and spectacular blue (water bodies) and green (natural green covers) asset of Hong Kong.  The Chinese characters of river/creek (川) and mountain (山) are embodied into the dominant structure with the former represented by the three wavey benches and the latter signified by the middle triangular segment (see Concept of Form below [Concept of Form attached below text]).

By reversing waste into worth, we can collectively and creatively “unbottle” our future from the urgent and universal issue of waste pollution.