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Climate Change and Large Scale Conflict: Autonomous Settlements and Governance

  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


Of several global concerns in 2020 are the impact of (1) climate change on (2) food and water shortage in a future of (1) inequality and (2) human conflict.

With the recurrent crisis of climate and political refugees, there is no long term plan for the future of such refugees when host countries do not allow for economic integration or citizenship status.

These 2×2 conditions form the basis of conjecture in a future of renewable energy and surplus oil rigs. The obsolete oil drilling structures are now repurposed into specialised vessels which are very different from current floating settlements.

For one, their mast and hull footprints on water are much less than those of large floating structures.

Also the new habitable spaces are housed in neither vessel or building forms, giving rise to a new morphology of floating settlement responding to population growth and autonomous sovereignty.


Plankton sparkling
Moonlit night
Coral embers
Phantom light

Voyagers eternal
Forever free
Our very own

On oceans vast
Crystal clear
Migratory creatures
No humans near

Buoyant futures
Dreams afloat
Livelihoods on
Waterscape moats

No longer dreams
Nor visions set too far
Our nightlights
Made from shining stars

To show our way
Hopeful Uncertainty
In search of
Peace and Harmony