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Growing Together: The social act of creating an urban greenhouse to build an intergenerational collective for urban inclusivity

  • 19 Dec 2019 - 23 Feb 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


In August 2018, South Korea was officially designated as an aged society by the UN due to the ever increasing percentage of elderly population relative to its declining fertility rate. The trend of population ageing in conjunction with the need for sustainable urbanisation are the two major factors that have begun shaping the built environment for almost every country. Aside from the implications to national fiscal and political policies, the personal impact commonly associated the elderly should not be over-looked; loneliness, lack of an active lifestyle and the risk of dementia affecting the quality of life has become a serious issue. This project explores the principles of Designing for Manufacture and Assembly and traditional social spaces to create a low wastage, low-cost community-managed greenhouse. A structure that can be built without the need of specialist skillset. The aim is to allow its construction and post-build management to become a common ground for people of all ages to grow together; to promote a sense of community-ownership, intergenerational exchange and active-ageing.