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ImaginiCity | The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture

Team Leader:
Department of Architecture
Nasrin Seraji-Bozogzad

Department of Urban Planning and Design
Alain Chiaradia

MLA Project Coordinator
Division of Landscape Architecture
Xiaoxuan Lu
Ashley Scott Kelly
Natalia Echeverri

Video Producer
Department of Architecture
Minia Cheung

Department of Architecture
Kieran Tse
Sum Yu Wong

Research Assistant
Department of Architecture
Noella Tsz Wai Kwok

Event Coordinator
Department of Architecture
Eunice Kwok

Department of Architecture 
Lidia Ratoi


Future Environments

  • 20 Jan 2020 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


Architecture is a political act

Architecture is inherently political because it has always been associated with governance – a product of policies and regulations established by the rulers as well as negotiations with the people; in between banks and economies, wars and relief efforts et cetera. Instead of reducing architecture simply to buildings, we should recognise architecture as a holistic embodiment of cities’ complexities and their spatial, anthropogenic, socio-economic, and political urgencies. As we enter a new decade of the 21st century, this exhibition is an opportunity to critically reflect on the making of our environments and to re-imagine cities of the future. We consider Hong Kong as a perfect model which speculatively explores possible configurations in the relationship between Landscape, City, and Architecture.

Architecture is an intellectual act

This exhibition archives some of the most note-worthy theses by students in the past three years. These projects are speculative propositions, where radical positions are presented as probable scenarios. Through them, students question and debate the crisis of architectural production by actively engaging and challenging the status quo of the City. The syntheses of their critical observations allow for a dynamic and powerful representation of these new possibilities.

Architecture is a public service

This Biennale gives us the unique opportunity to provide a platform for the public to share and engage in the making of their city. Debates on landscape, urban design, and architecture via these projects enable the public to collectively seek and generate pertinent questions, be it speculative. Students and faculty will conduct forums to allow a better understanding of our disciplines and their necessities in the post-climate change era.