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  • 19 Dec 2019 - 23 Feb 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


LOOP NYC optimizes existing roadway infrastructure by creating “micro‐highway” loops throughout New York City. Major Manhattan cross-streets, along with perimeter highways, are converted into dedicated autonomous vehicle roadways. With the increased efficiencies of automated vehicles, streets will be given back to the community and converted into green space. Loop NYC aims to usher in a driverless future, combating congestion and pollution, as cities evolve.

The ultimate impact of LOOP is the re-purposing of old roads to create new community space in cities globally. Their rough, paved surfaces become bright opportunities for the community, including parks, plazas, gardens, neighbourhood markets, and spaces for civic engagement.

LOOP NYC is a catalyst for the driverless future, helping usher in a safer and more efficient method of travel. Whether using dedicated LOOP cars, or entering the algorithmic network with an intelligent car, LOOP users are able to be whisked around Manhattan autonomously using the LOOP NYC network.