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Smart Cultural Precinct (SCP), Central

  • 19 Dec 2019 - 15 Mar 2020

  • 10:00 - 22:00


The Institute for Sustainable Urbanisation (ISU), UDP International and AIA Hong Kong showcase the Smart Cultural Precinct (SCP) in Central which includes several places that have historic and cultural significance from over a century ago. SCP, with the Cultural Triangle at its core, is formed by the three adaptive re-use building(s) in Central, namely the Police Married Quarters (PMQ), the Central Police Station (Tai Kwun) and the Central Market (CM) including the area. The importance of these key building(s) is well recognized with the adaptive reuse of PMQ, successfully completed in 2014, and Tai Kwun opened recently in 2018, with the revitalization of CM currently underway. The Cultural Triangle concept was first developed by UDP International while working on the initial adaptive reuse of PMQ. It worked together with AIA Hong Kong and more recently with ISU to promote SCP to take it from vision to reality.  SCP will not only help link the three building(s) and the area in between both physically and digitally but also help create a pedestrian-friendly, walkable cultural precinct. SCP will further enhance the city image and identity by showcasing the rich local culture and heritage of Central and help improve the quality of life of the residents and visitors of Hong Kong as well.

ISU in association with Youth Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and the support of the Central and Western District Council has successfully organised a series of public engagement events from January to August 2019 with the local community involving the elderly and the youngsters. These included the Kick-off Event, CityWalks, Building Tours, CityWorkshops, a Community and Place-Making Event as well as Public Forum and Walkability Event to help raise awareness about SCP and the importance of cultural heritage in Central.

A physical model of the Central area (done in collaboration with THEi) showcasing the SCP area is exhibited along with display panels with video links that explain the concept and the community engagement efforts in a visual way to stimulate discussions from viewers. During the exhibition period, one walk tour and one workshop will be held to engage the wider Hong Kong community.